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What is Tenant Representation?

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What Does a Tenant Rep Do?

A tenant representative is an expert of the local market. They will help you find and negotiate for commercial properties that you otherwise may not have been able to find on your own. The three primary responsibilities of your tenant rep are:

  • To help you find the perfect space

  • To help you produce the optimal floor plan

  • To advise you in contract negotiation for lease/purchase

Benefits of Using a Tenant Rep

Find Deals With Your Company's Bigger Picture in Mind

Gain Assurance From Working With a Local Expert

Get in Contact With Landlords Easier With More Credibility

Discover Off-Market Deals Utilizing Tenant Rep's Network

Extra Time To Focus On Growing Your Business

Tenant Reps vs. Brokers

A tenant representative, or tenant rep for short, is a commercial real estate expert that works exclusively with the tenant. Unlike regular commercial real estate brokers, who may work with both the landlord and the tenant (and thus have an inherent conflict of interest), a tenant representative only represents YOU, the tenant.

Do Tenant Reps Cost Money?

No! Just like a broker, tenant representation is paid for by the building owner. There is no risk when working with a commercial real estate tenant rep.

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Why Use Office Rentals Long Island?

We've made it easy for you to find a building that suits your needs and quickly connect with the expert for that listing. Once you find a building, you can call or email your tenant rep to find other, similar buildings (or get that one!), get help planning your space, and negotiate the best deal possible with the building owner.


We're happy when you're happy, and our goal will always be to help tenants maximize every possible benefit at absolutely no cost to them. Click below to get started! Demo
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